Australia Soundscapes

In 2017 I had the chance to spend a few weeks in Australia. I knew in advance some of the remote places I intended to visit have quite amazing sonic prints and I didn’t have much room in my baggage to fit in the bulkier blimps and recorders so I needed to come up with a smaller and more portable recording package. I… Read more →

Rapid Transit Systems – Updated 2018

During the last years I have travelled quite a bit either due to work, pleasure or both, and I have had the chance to hop on/off and record trains in several cities around the world. Some of these are reflected in the map below. Recordings were carried out to capture the train moving and from an interior perspective which I’ll focus on this… Read more →

Recording airsoft guns

This is about the second of two recording sessions for airsoft guns I carried out by May 2017. I had the chance to setup a couple of sessions to record airsoft replicas including a CM16 Raider, a Colt 1911 Classic and a XDM Compact 3.8. The recording spot, though far from people was quite heavy on airplanes traffic and birds were chirping creatively during the afternoon.… Read more →

ELOGOXA – Kriptonia Demo

Kriptonia was a FSU plugin I designed back in October 2003, coming with lots of modulation, filter and comb action. The incoming audio is first processed by an encryption algorithm, based on a frequency shift within the audio spectrum. Then it passes through a comb filter and three other different kind of filters. The signal coming from each of them can be modified by using… Read more →

ELOGOXA – Xs-MoDelay Demo

Xs-MoDelay was a stereo delay with filter and feedback distortion I designed back in 2003, controllable by LFO. So the delay as the LFO can be automatically synced to the host tempo.   Xs-MoDelay Interface                   Xs-MoDelay Schematic                              … Read more →

Military Flypast Recording

This is a recording of a military flypast exhibition happening during the Spanish National Day, October 2015. It consisted of several groups of airplanes and helicopters, including EF-2000, F-18, AV-8B Harrier, Chinook helicopters etc… passing by. I had the opportunity to record them from a very good spot, far from people or other noisy sources but still close enough to where the action happened.… Read more →

Recording Water – Part I

Recording water and hiking are two of the things I enjoy most. And thankfully you can do both together pretty often. From frozen and playful streams in Poland to the calm but strong and exciting Pacific Ocean in Chile, water has the powerful effect of transferring their main qualities to my state of mind while recording. In this post, the first in… Read more →

Recording the Bike

It was about two years ago that I started to think about how to record the bike. From time to time, I ride a Commencal Premier HD4 myself and was pretty interested in the interaction between the bike, the different ground surfaces and the speed from a first person view perspective. During this time, I looked for convenient places and times… Read more →

ELOGOXA – Once Upon a Time

Note: This is the first post on a series about my time at ELOGOXA that I’ll write about. In the future I’ll post about a couple of plugins I designed at the time, Kriptonia and Xs-MoDelay. Feel free to come back and check some sound examples I’ll share on them. ELOGOXA was a small Spanish group geared towards the creation and development of… Read more →

Noise in Field Recording

One of the things I enjoy most on recordings is the time spent doing some design on the recordings setup and scouting the recording locations before removing the dust from the recorder. Often, the time allocated in this area pays-off in the amount of processing  the recordings will need afterwards, letting you focus instead on making things sound good rather than fixing… Read more →